Our Story

Drop Water brings sustainability into a market that has not seen a major change in decades.

We founded Drop Water with the mission to bring convenience WITH sustainability to the bottled beverage space. We’ve put nearly 10 years of product development into the Drop Mini - which not only dispenses the first of its kind customizable beverage in a compostable carton, but also allows consumers to refill their own containers with any drink that's offered.

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Our Values

Innovation and sustainability - just a few of the pillars we’ve founded our company around.

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The idea of Drop Water formed when our CEO, Scott Edwards, was studying at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and realized how inefficient the current bottled beverage industry is. He dreamt of a way to maintain the convenience of bottled water while being friendlier to our environment. We foster a culture of continuous innovation, pushing boundaries to create groundbreaking solutions for sustainable hydration. We value a close feedback loop with our clients and customers to continuously improve our products and services. Sustainability is our number one priority - we’re committed to reducing environmental impact by championing eco-friendly packaging that still matches the convenience of the current bottled beverage industry.


Sustainable Beverages Created, and counting...

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Environmental Sustainability

Drop Water's commitment to sustainability flows deep, from refill stations and compostable cartons to eliminating the transportation of water—this is hydration that cares for the planet.

Meet the Team

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Discovery Land Company

Drop Water is working with Discovery Land Company to offer their members an eco-friendly beverage solution all over the world.


San Jose International Airport

Drop Water lands and expands at the San Jose Airport.


The Drop Mini

The compact hydration companion that fits effortlessly into any commercial space.