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Frequently Asked Questions

Drop Mini

What is the size of the Drop Mini?

The Drop Mini is 76”H, 25”W, 8”D. Once wall-mounted, the bottom of the machine will be 6" off the ground.

How do I manage my inventory?

Great question! Each of the Drop Mini units are internet connected, and we offer a client dashboard so you can monitor inventory levels and order data among other things. We'll also set you up with a log-in to our consumables ordering platform - so you can reorder product and make sure your customers are never left thirsty!

What do I need to do to prep my site for a Drop Mini?

The basic requirements are power, water in, a drain line, and wireless internet connectivity. For more details, download our installation requirements from the Resources page.

How many Drop Cartons does the Drop Mini hold?

A fully stocked Drop Mini holds 120 cartons.

How much does it all cost?

All-in pricing will be dependent on number of units, the location, whether a machine is leased or purchased, etc. For a custom price quote, please visit our "Get a Quote" page and fill in your information. One of our team members will be in touch to chat more!

How many flavors can the Drop Mini dispense?

Each Drop Mini has room for five flavor pouches. Servings per pouch varies by flavor. Check out more information on our flavor offerings by visiting the "Flavors and Boosts" page.

What kind of payment options are available on the Drop Mini?

When outfitted with a payment terminal, the Drop Mini accepts chip, swipe, and NFC methods.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

What are your cartons made out of?

We’re testing a variety of biopolymers to create a carton that reaches the highest compostability standards. Our Cap, Shoulder, Connecting Ring, and Pouch are all made from compostable bioplastics! Our sleeve is made from 16pt uncoated paperboard, and we print on them in soy ink.

Why is Drop Water better for the planet?

For one - we don’t transport water. Traditional water bottles have to be filled in a large facility and then shipped to the shelves. The package has to be designed to survive the distribution process - and water is heavy! All of our cartons are shipped empty and filled on-demand, which eliminates the need for a long shelf life.

What size are your cartons?

The cartons we offer from the Drop Mini are roughly 14OZ.

Can I customize the Drop Carton with my own branding?

Yes - we offer full color 360 degree printing with Soy Ink. We can send you a design file with a print template that you can customize to your heart's content.

Flavors & Boosts

Can I add my own flavors?

Right now, the Drop Mini only accepts the flavors provided by Drop Water. We have a variety of flavors to suit your needs and we're always adding more! Keep checking back on our "Flavors and Boosts" page to see when new flavors are available.

Do your flavors include preservatives?

We use Potassium Sorbate - a common ingredients in food products that helps maintain freshness and quality.

Do your flavors contain caffeine?

Our Tropical Energy flavor contains 70mg of caffeine per serving, Tea + Lemonade contains 30mg per serving, and Peach Tea contains 50mg per serving. All of our other flavors are caffeine-free.

The Drop Mini

The compact hydration companion that fits effortlessly into any commercial space.

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Flavors + Boosts

Our diverse range of flavors make every sip an adventure for your taste buds.