Eco-Friendly Packaging

Meet Drop Carton! Our eco-friendly packaging alternative to plastic bottled water. Made of compostable materials, remains empty until you order.

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The Drop Carton is Made Not to Last.

We’ve carefully chosen materials to reach compostability standards in the U.S. - and we’re not stopping there. Our next goal is make the carton Home Compostable, so you can rest assured that when you use a Drop Water machine, you’re making the best choice possible with our planet in mind.


Sustainable Beverages Created, and counting...

Customize Your Cartons

Want to show off your brand on our cartons?

We offer 360 degree full-color printing in soy ink - which means you can have your brand front and center on a 100% compostable carton. Win!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your cartons made out of?

We’re testing a variety of biopolymers to create a carton that reaches the highest compostability standards. Our Cap, Shoulder, Connecting Ring, and Pouch are all made from compostable bioplastics! Our sleeve is made from 16pt uncoated paperboard, and we print on them in soy ink.

Why is Drop Water better for the planet?

For one - we don’t transport water. Traditional water bottles have to be filled in a large facility and then shipped to the shelves. The package has to be designed to survive the distribution process - and water is heavy! All of our cartons are shipped empty and filled on-demand, which eliminates the need for a long shelf life.

What size are your cartons?

The cartons we offer from the Drop Mini are roughly 14OZ.

Can I customize the Drop Carton with my own branding?

Yes - we offer full color 360 degree printing with Soy Ink. We can send you a design file with a print template that you can customize to your heart's content.


What people are saying

Drop Water has made an impactful difference at San José Mineta International Airport as it has reduced hundreds of thousands of single use plastic bottles at the airport alone.

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“We’ve used Drop Water for years now and love the product and the team. SJC is placing 4 new machines throughout the terminal in 2024.”

Megan Kennedy

Property Manager, San Jose Airport

"We need machines at all our clubs."

Mike Meldman

Founder, Discovery Land Properties

“Drop Water is a solution like we have never seen before. It is what we’ve been looking for to solve our plastic bottled water problem”.

Stuart Clark

Head of Food and Beverage, Hilton

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Drop Mini

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