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Drop Water is working with Discovery Land Company to offer their members an eco-friendly beverage solution all over the world.

Pioneering Sustainable Luxury: Drop Water's Transformational Impact at Discovery Land Properties

Drop Water has made significant strides in integrating sustainable beverage solutions at five prominent Discovery Land properties: Madison Club, Summit Club, Dune Deck Beach Club, Gozzer Ranch Golf & Lake Club, and Silo Ridge Field Club. Drop Water helps Discovery achieve their goal of reducing plastic waste without compromising the luxury experience for members. As Discovery Land Company continues to prioritize environmental stewardship, Drop Water's mission aligns seamlessly - promising to extend its sustainable footprint across the entire Discovery Land portfolio.


Discovery Land Company, renowned for its luxurious and exclusive properties, recognizes the importance of integrating sustainability into its member experience. With an emphasis on fostering environmentally conscious practices without detracting from the luxury lifestyle, Discovery Land Company partnered with Drop Water, a company committed to providing sustainable and convenient solutions for reducing plastic waste. Drop Water's installations at various Discovery Land properties have redefined the approach to sustainable living, offering a seamless and eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bottles.

Challenges Faced:

  1. Balancing luxury experiences with sustainable practices without compromising the quality of service for members.
  2. Encouraging a shift towards sustainable lifestyle practices without imposing significant behavioral changes.
  3. Ensuring the availability of convenient and easily accessible alternatives for single-use plastic without compromising on user experience.

Implementation Strategy:

Drop Water's collaboration with Discovery Land Company involved the strategic installation of Drop Mini units to cater to the diverse needs of members while aligning with the company's sustainability objectives. By seamlessly combining a refill station and a convenient option for compostable containers, Drop Water's solutions harmonized with the existing lifestyle of Discovery Land Company members.

Results and Impact:

The integration of Drop Water's sustainable water stations across Discovery Land Company properties has resulted in a notable reduction in the consumption of single-use plastic bottles. By encouraging the use of metal water bottles and providing accessible alternatives for single-use bottles, Drop Water has successfully facilitated a shift towards sustainable practices without compromising the luxury experience. The collective effort has not only contributed to reducing plastic waste but has also fostered an environmentally conscious mindset among Discovery Land Company members, making sustainability an integral part of their lifestyle.

The Future:

Drop Water plans to roll out machines to all Discovery Land properties. By leveraging its expertise in providing sustainable beverage solutions, Drop Water plans to further enhance DLC's environmental initiatives, establishing a benchmark for sustainable luxury living within the hospitality industry. The seamless integration of sustainable practices into the member experience will continue to be a cornerstone of Discovery Land's efforts to prioritize environmental stewardship and promote a sustainable lifestyle among its esteemed members.

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Mike Meldman

Mike Meldman

Founder, Discovery Land Properties

"We need machines at all our clubs."

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