The Drop Mini

The compact hydration companion that fits effortlessly into any space. The Drop Mini delivers refreshing beverages anytime, anywhere with its sleek design and easy installation. It’s an all-in-one solution for refilling any bottle or for getting a sustainable and convenient beverage in a compostable carton.

Versatile Placement Options

The compact size and versatile placement options make the Drop Mini suitable for various locations. It can be easily installed in offices, gyms, universities, and other public spaces, providing a convenient and eco-friendly hydration solution for a wide range of settings. Drop Mini's design ensures that people can access customizable drinks and contribute to sustainability wherever they go.

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A machine that is carrying empty cartons of water

Convenient + Eco-Friendly

Typically, individuals must choose between convenience or sustainability. However, through technological advancements and the integration of material science with robotics, Drop Water has achieved the ultimate solution. This groundbreaking approach doesn't demand a shift in consumer behavior while attaining sustainability goals, including a remarkable 90% reduction in shipped volume and weight, along with a 100% home compostable carton.

safety and quality are priority


The two fillerheads in every Drop Mini are sanitized autonomously at night to ensure safe, fresh pours for the next day of orders.

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Water Quality

Filter, then sterilize. We not only filter with a half-micron activated carbon filter, we also sterilize the source water with an in-line UV LED filter.

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Air Quality

With positive pressure Merv 8 air filtration in the interior of each machine, we eilminate particles to ensure a clean environment within the Drop Mini.

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Industries We Serve

We take pride in our commitment to delivering innovative water solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries. Our expertise extends far and wide, catering to a diverse range of businesses and organizations.

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Sports Arenas

College Campuses

Corporate Campuses


Resorts / Hotels


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Environmental Sustainability

Drop Water's commitment to sustainability flows deep, from refill stations and compostable cartons to eliminating the transportation of water—this is hydration that cares for the planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of the Drop Mini?

The Drop Mini is 76”H, 25”W, 8”D. Once wall-mounted, the bottom of the machine will be 6" off the ground.

How do I manage my inventory?

Great question! Each of the Drop Mini units are internet connected, and we offer a client dashboard so you can monitor inventory levels and order data among other things. We'll also set you up with a log-in to our consumables ordering platform - so you can reorder product and make sure your customers are never left thirsty!

What do I need to do to prep my site for a Drop Mini?

The basic requirements are power, water in, a drain line, and wireless internet connectivity. For more details, download our installation requirements from the Resources page.

How many Drop Cartons does the Drop Mini hold?

A fully stocked Drop Mini holds 120 cartons.

How much does it all cost?

All-in pricing will be dependent on number of units, the location, whether a machine is leased or purchased, etc. For a custom price quote, please visit our "Get a Quote" page and fill in your information. One of our team members will be in touch to chat more!

How many flavors can the Drop Mini dispense?

Each Drop Mini has room for five flavor pouches. Servings per pouch varies by flavor. Check out more information on our flavor offerings by visiting the "Flavors and Boosts" page.

What kind of payment options are available on the Drop Mini?

When outfitted with a payment terminal, the Drop Mini accepts chip, swipe, and NFC methods.


What people are saying

Drop Water has made an impactful difference at San José Mineta International Airport as it has reduced hundreds of thousands of single use plastic bottles at the airport alone.

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“We’ve used Drop Water for years now and love the product and the team. SJC is placing 4 new machines throughout the terminal in 2024.”

Megan Kennedy

Property Manager, San Jose Airport

"We need machines at all our clubs."

Mike Meldman

Founder, Discovery Land Properties

“Drop Water is a solution like we have never seen before. It is what we’ve been looking for to solve our plastic bottled water problem”.

Stuart Clark

Head of Food and Beverage, Hilton

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Retail Chains


Sports Arenas

College Campuses

Corporate Campuses


Resorts / Hotels


Drop Carton

Cartons made from home compostable materials - eco-friendly without sacrificing convenience.

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Flavors + Boosts

Our diverse range of flavors make every sip an adventure for your taste buds.