What is a Drop Kiosk?

  • A Drop Kiosk is a unique machine that uses local water and customizes high-quality flavored and caffeinated water beverages and delivers them in 100% compostable containers. 

Speaking of compostable, are your bottles BPI certified?

  • The short answer is not yet. All of the materials we use are BPI certified or compliant, but we are going through the process to get the “BPI Stamp” on our final product.


Who performs the plumbing?

  • We work with local plumbing partners to assist with installation. In some locations, a water line will already exist and the kiosk can be connected to this without additional plumbing.

How are the kiosks delivered?

  • For deliveries local to the SF Bay Area, a member of the Drop Water team will assist the delivery and installation of the kiosk. For other locations, we work with freight partners for delivery.


How many flavors do you offer?

  • Right now, we have a list of flavors and additives that is available upon request. Each of our kiosks currently holds 3 flavors and one additive (or any combination adding up to four). We plan to expand this number in the future.


Have a question we didn't answer here? Reach out to us at hello@dropwater.co!

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